Saturday, June 02, 2007


I feel incredibly confident today. I am normally very confiedent but this is an extra boost. A false momentary exageration of confidence. Thats what alcohol provides and its a familiar feeling the one I feel right now. I remember many atimes drinking in parties only to loosen up and become more social. To make it easier to confront the cute girl in the party. Alcohol is the posion of choice for people here 2nd is pot. I dont much like alcohol because the false feeling of confidence (which I must say @ that moment is great) and because the debilitating effects it has on people. Sake I like and I picked some up today. I feel the head it provides is a calm and mellow one. Most people here drink that straight stuff like Wild Turkey or Vodka but if you actaully look into whats in that crap you easily understand why you feel like shit the next day. I think its noteworthy to say that of all the poisons there are its only alcohol that provides this strange feel of confidence unlike anything else. Its been a while since I drank during the day but today is sat and the end of fri and the work week bak home so all the more reason. Everything considered, in my opinion, alcohol is probably the worst of all poisons.