Sunday, June 03, 2007

Good Old Times In Toaranga New Zealand

So, subtract the mathematics the sociology the biology and every other ology including everything else they might have tried to teach you in college while you were getting stoned, carry over the dorming and you get a feel for what hostel life is like. Everybody just out to have fun. Yesterday night we were all blitzed in honor of the queen. 1 guy from Ireland 1 from scotland 1 from chech and 5 from germany. The germans I spent the day with and went with them to Mt Managanui. One you can see playing a song below. They are cool folk. Later on that night we all got pissed and the guitar came out. So very reminiscent of college dorming. Such a damn good time hostel living is that you find some older people in their 50s staying here sometimes to chill with us young folk. We went over to the hotspot in town. A street called The Strand. There we hung @ a bar for a little b4 we came back to our hostel. Upon returning the German girls wanted to play some poker and so I suggested some strip poker. They agreed and much fun was had. I'd like to note that had I been here with friends this experience would be nothing like it is. Everyone I have met so far including these 5 germans have come to Zealand alone. Alot meet in the hostels and then decide to travel together. No judgements just good times. People from around the globe together singing dancing and drinking. In peace and with the understanding that we all are here doing the same thing, having a fucking ball.