Saturday, June 23, 2007

Christchurch South Island NZ

Jesus fucking christ, it is bitter cold in Christchurch. After taking a ferry over to the south island, I caught a ride from the drop off point down 5 hours to Christchurch. This is a popular spot on the south island. Kez and Lisas friend drove us. I've got a car waiting for me here. Its 2am now so I will pick it up tomo. I arranged it so that I can leave the car I rented parked next to the ferry on the north island. I worked out with the owner of the rental place for me not to pay for the 2-3 weeks I spend in the south island. The owner of the place is awesome. He arranged my car here in Christchurch and I will ferry one of his cars back over to the north so he pays for my ferry ride $50. I cant say much about the south island yet as I only just arrived and during the drive south to Christchurch I was either sleeping or spooning with Lisa. I have much time here so worry not, I will feed your eyes with exquisite things.

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