Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So, I figured i'll give my opinion of Christchurch and Queenstown. I do not dig Chrsitschurch because there are too many belligerent kids pouring out of the pubs. I have been to many countries where the drinking age is 18 but nowhere have I seen so many kids bet 16-19 completely pissed. They dont know their limits or how to drink. It is a noteworthy thing I think that eventho other countries allow kids to drink only here do the kids take full advantage. I have made my way down to Queenstown it was a 9 hour drive from Christchurch. Here there are high and rugged mountains. It reminds me of the Catskills back home only it is much more exotic. The clouds here in New Zealand are much lower than anywhwere else I have been. While in Christchurch I froze my ass off but here although there is snow everywhere unlike in CC I like the weather much better. I was kicking myself since I got here because I kept saying the summer is when I should have came but thats not the case anymore. The best time to visit the south island which is by far the most appealing to me because of the scenery is now, during the winter. The snow tipped alps are fucking breathtaking. On saturday night whilst in Christchurch I was eating on "closed" 2nd floor of a mcdonalds. It was cold outside and so I shmeezed a bit right there at my table. As I walked towards the stairs to leave I looked back at the cloud I left behind. Blitsed I spilled my drink all oer the floor and it splashed all over some people. Pissed off that I lost my drink I carried on and left. As I got around 10 meters away a large maori security guard I saw hurriedly making chase. I stopped in my tracks and waited for him thinking OK im in for it. He approached and was clearly pissed. He said "HEY DID YOU SPILL THAT DRINK?" I said ya. He said you threw your drink all over the place so I told him to fuck off. He shoved me. I looked him in the eye and told him not to put his hands on me. I said be careful cuz I will come back here when you dont expect it. This pissed him off and so he proceeded to pull off the microphone part of his walkie talkie from his shoulder where it was velcroed to like the troopers back home have them. Using the cord he started to twirl it around like a fucking schmuck. He looked like a polynesian indiana jones. I decided to leave and I did laughing at this fool. I would have loved to see his face as he made his way to the 2nd floor. Queenstown is very diferent. The cold here is a brisk cold. Its comfortable. I like it. In town all you smell in the air is the wood burning from all the restaurants and pubs with there large fireplaces. Fires roaring in every pub and absolutely breathtaking snow tipped mountains all around, this is the stuff that makes up Queenstown NZ. I like it here, it reminds me of the town in the movie Dumb and Dumber...

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    Ya know bro, its a shame that some doorman have to try and prove that they are tough. What an asshole!! It's all about being friendly. The doorman is the first person you meet when you go to a club/bar, and if they are unfriendly it gives the patron a bad impression of the bar straight away. Can change the whole mood/energy of the venue. Catch ya soon cuz. Shay


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