Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Milford Sound South Island

So, I ventured off and left Queenstown yesterday. Kez n Lisa took off to Fiji and Craig I might meet up with in Christchurch on my way back up or in Melbourne Australia. I remember and I will never forget this one day when I was 7 or 8 years old. It is etched in my memory and whenever I think of it I remember how awesome life can be. My family and I were upstate NY. It was winter and we awoke one morning to a pristine view of the area surrounding us. Everything was white. We walked around and the trees were covered in ice. The branches were beautiful because they were crystalised. This same feeling I enjoy today. Milford Sound is unbelieveable. I am on the road and I stopped to write this in a very small town named Mossberg. Its somewhere betweeen Te Anau and Dunedin. I have amazing pics to upload and I shall once I arrive in Dunedin. Milford Sound is absolutley awesome. Lots to do here in the south island but one thing is lingering always in the back of my mind. Mt Cook is on my way back up and it is the highest peak and largest mountain here in New Zealand. I Will conquer it on my up. Many pro climbers visit it and some dont leave. It will be a true challenge and I look forward to it.

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