Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Farewell Fuckfaces

Yesterday at about 2am I was looking for some shmeeze and convinced some bums sitting by the stoop of a missionary church to give me the last of what they had left. This morning I stole someones boxers shorts out of the dryer. I scored free piss yesterday at an art gallery and some free smoke with some kids in the local park just an hour ago. There is much to feed off of on the bottom! Earlier in the day I found myself in the stairway of a University with my hands in the pants and shirt of a pretty student studying travel and tourism. How I got there I dont exactly remember. My fuckhead friends Paul and Ben are taking off to south America soon and I hope they get syphilis and aids. i think i may have given it to them when i bum raped them after feeding them rohypnol, result!
BEN:- last night when gilly pussied out and went to bed early, paul, kez, lisa and I went to find some more beer and a tatoo and piercing parlour. we ended up in margeritas a shitty dive of a bar, where after having nursed our drinks for all of 2 minutes we were told to leave cos it was closing, we obviously weren't too pleased with this so kicked up a fuss, this resulted in the bar manager giving us our money back for the drinks we had finished during this contratent, result!
we now have to part ways unfortunately, but the bottomfeeders will never disband, long live the scummy existence of fellow bottomfeeders, word out, peace and love to all x

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