Friday, June 22, 2007

Wellington NZ

Together with my redcoat friends Kerry n Lisa I have travelled south to Wellington. This is the soutern most part of the north island. It is a big city but very diferent than auckland. Its all just pubs and parties. I got here last night and will be taking the ferry in around 5 hours to the south island. Lord of the rings was filmed in some parts. Its compared to the Rockies or the Yukon Territory. Its high rugged mountains. This time of year it snows heavily in the south. Snow tipped alps, whales and seals are some of the pics you should expect to see real soon. Landscape and nature shots I have taken so far will look little compared to whats coming. I am currently @ the Base hostel In Wellington. I have mastered the art of staying @ hostels for free and its saving me cash. Cash is tight but I truly can care less. I was offered a job back in Auckland by some Israelis and I can get paid well doing it so I might extend my stay here in NZ to work a little after exploring the south island so that I will have cash to rent a camper van in Australia. Besides for conquering Mount wellington today I havent seen much of this town and will prob spend a few days here on my way back up to Auckalnd. Cheers and love.

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  1. Lake Wakatipu (Kingston Queenstown);Waikato; Matamata;Kaitoke Regional Park;Rangitikei river;Nelson (southern shore of Tasman Bay);Keeling farm manakau;Otaki gorge Road are the places the Lord of the rings film at the Southland NZ.
    Nice pictures you shoot above!


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