Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random Is Kewl

Daily or nightly rather I end up in random flats. 2 nights ago I was in the flat of some local stoners doing spots in Dunedin. Yesterday night I was with a librarian and a teacher in their flats talking about our beliefs and laughed at how similarly we all think. A beautiful blonde named sarah was rubbing herself all up on me in the bar where the librarian Miriama and I met. She was very hot and sassy. A firecracker. It was easy to see in her eyes what she was after. Hungry she was and I would have had no problem with that if her husband was'nt 2 feet away. She is a free spirit and I found it very tough to keep my hands off. But respectfully I did. Random is great and since I've landed here in New Zealand I have been in over 25 randoms flats, homes or apartments. I remember leaving a bar with the friends of Craig Lisa and kez here in Christchruch. I got on with one of the girls pretty well. Shes cool and married and her husband is cool too. A musician. They didnt take no for an answer and coerced me to come to their house with another couple that was staying with them after we left the pub. We got there and it was awesome. A beautiful posh home on the outskirts of Christchurch. They got completely pissed off of wine and beer while I remained buzzed as I like it. I had to call a cab to take me back to my hostel cuz they were in no shape to drive. I didnt take them up on their offer to sleep on the couch but such offers can save a penny pinching explorer like me money.

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