Saturday, June 30, 2007

Crazy Christchurch

After a bouncer @ the Grumpy Mole pub here in Christchurch picked up on me having too good a time he asked me to leave. I kicked up a fuss so he brought his friends over and with an unwelcoming thrust they kicked me out. It was quite a good time there actually. I was nursing my beer all alone when some kiwi girls invited me to sit with them cos they felt I looked lonely. So very kind kiwis are. I am writing this post from some 24hr mini mart/internet shop I've stumbled into. I've got a great vid of some kid in a bar tripping on lsd and stumbling all over the sidewalk. Christchurch is a zoo. I think i've just about wrapped up my explorations of New Zealand and will try to get over to Aussie sooner than the date on my ticket. Oh, clicking on images and then returning to this page is now going to be very easy and quick. Over And Out

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