Saturday, June 30, 2007

For Those Just Tuning In

I have lived the average city life for too long a time. NYC born and bred. For the past couple of years I was running a lucrative internet business back home. I was never happy doing it. The general consensus seems to be that one is normal only if they have a career and alot of money. This is what a person is led to believe in many parts of the world. Not all. Well fuck all that shit. I left my business behind and took off to explore the world. I take flix and videos and give my uncensored opinions of places and also tell of adventurist things that happen to me along the way. I like to push the limits. Rough skin I have and I picked it up while growing up. Its me being natural that causes all types of crazy things to happen and my audience seems to appreciate it as the hits on this page increase daily. The little money I have and whatever job I get on the way will always simply be a means to an end. I have some under my belt but I have to get to several more countries in the next few years. Its got to be done and I dont care how. It is now my goal. Its an expedition I am on.  I am not a NYer anymore. I am a no nonsense world explorer. If anyone intrudes on my plan or makes me deviate from my path Brooklyn style justice is delivered. I put myself in the thick of things wherever I go so that I will have good material to write a book with @ the end of my 4-5 year journey. I document things on this page just like a journal. This here post is simply a part of a chapter in a lifelong saga that will continue.

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