Monday, July 02, 2007

Back In Christchurch

Making my way up and out of this country I stopped back in Christchurch. Mainly to hang with my friend Craig. Craig knows about everything around here. He provided a warm dinner a bed and some fantastic company. His parents are cool scots. They all have awesome scottish accents. They immigrated to Nz in 96. Craigs dad is a Do it yourselfer. He owns a contsruction company and I admire his hands on approach to things. They recently got a plasma and with the prices for mounts ridiculously high Alliston (craigs dad) built a sturdy one himself (not that he cudnt buy one). Today Craigs dad decided to leave work and he came back to take us out on his boat. Magnificent things including dolphins and steep cliff faces I rested my eyes on. The whole time all I really could think while casting out my fishing line was how great it is to be able to do these things my friends and I do back home but with new friends that I get on with just as well if not better on the other side of the planet.

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