Sunday, July 22, 2007

HaRabi MeLubavitch Chai Vekayam

To jews this man was/is the modern time Moses. I shit you not, he was that great. His image is known amongst jews worldwide. I remember visiting his place a few times. He had the most amazing synagogue built in Crown Heights Brooklyn. He passed some 10yrs ago or so. One would wait online for a couple of hours before being able to step passed the great Rabbi. He had stacks of dollar bills on his desk. Everyone would pass and he would hand each person a crisp new and blessed dollar bill. Catholics get some crispy flake put in their mouths by a priest to get blessed. How ironic us jews get crispy dollar bills :). People would laminate em or w/ever. A few times I went and got one but there was one time wen my grand parents were in town from Israel. We went I got my buck and continued on. My grandad, a very quite and go with the flow type passed w/out uttering a word and as he stepped away the Rabi called him back. He handed him a few more dollars and said this is for your daughters in Tel-aviv and your son in Jerusalem. This is a just a close to home story that might give u an idea of this mans greatness. I mention him here because he created a network of whats called Chabad houses. These are scattered thru out the world. Their places in-which native established jews help new arrivals. He created this network so that any future hitlers will not be able to ever erradicate us jews. We will always be practising our conditioning traditions where ever we are. After this chic Tal I met in the hostel invited me to the local chabad house I made my there and hung with some of the eshkanaz Israelis. I got bored quick and took off but was very pleased with their willingness to help with accomadation and what have you... This was on sat and soon after I left them I found some cool Kiwi surfer dude that took me to the club below. Good times were had. These boring chabad guys would have continued to chew my ear off about how badly they want to visit "AMERICA". I'm hanging with my lil cousins while their parents work. I will have to put a couple of pics of them up soon. Im gonna take em to the park and teach em how to play American football. Then we will go to the city to stimulate their brains in a museum. Over n Out. Amen.

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