Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Melbunian Architecture And Some Ramblings

Southgate Mlbn AU

I grabbed a can from some kid bombing legally and caught a tag.

Good Old American Muscle.

Southgate Melbourne AU

The digs I currently have will certainly be remembered. I live along with 8 other israelis in a big house. Its fucking disgusting. The reason I say it will be remembered is because it'll serve as a point in my life where I'm starting from scratch. Absolutely nothing I have here. I like this fact. Craig is in town and I hung with him and his friend Kev the other day. Kevs an oral surgeon, cool dude. I joked with Craig today as we made our way around the city that this here time we will look bak @. Yesterday was a true pleasure. The late mng my lil cuzins and I spent playing football in their local park. After lil jaimey and I clobbered his older brother and his friend @ 2 hand touch we made our way to the NGV, National Gallery Victoria. The city of Melbourne is within the state of Victoria. There, our eyes met with some pretty cool modern art. They have a Guggenheim exhibit on now. I love my lil cuzins and jump on any opportunity to get to hangout with them, to get to know them better and vice versa. Something I must note here is that my dreams are beginning to get really vivid and also incredibly to the point. In NZ I remember talking politics with someone. I mentioned how I dont trust that sly bastard Vladamir Putin. "This gangster controls too big and powerful a country" I remember saying. That night I dreamt russian bombs were raining down on my home neighborhood. I was a few blox away from my home and worried about my family whilst big whistling bombs fell all around me. My dad walked toward me alone and away from my house. He looked bewildered. I asked him where everyone was but he was too shocked and confused to answer. B4 I was able to get home I woke and will never forget how glad I was that I did. Yesterday, after dropping my shit in my cold and decrepit bedroom, I looked around @ the mattress on the floor and felt the cold brick walls. I thought to myself how the fuck did I get here... I slept in 3 sweaters and a blanket within my sleeping bag. I dreamt. I dreamt my family and I were waiting for the NYC subway homeless. With the little we possessed we waited in the bitter cold, in an unforgiving city for the train, for help. This mng my dad woke me out of this miserable dream by calling my cellphone and I bless him 4 doing so. Because these dreams feel so real, I think I can really say I know what its like to have bombs rain down around me, the panic and the carnage was all around. I dont understand just why my dreams are begining to sharpen up but they are.

A Crazy Bubble Wrap Party @ The Base Hostel St Kilda Melbourne AU

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