Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Melbourne And Around

Ned Kelly, A badass Australian hung for standing up to the crooked cops in his time.

Today was a stupendous day. My cuzin and I took off to see the snowy area surrounding Melbourne. A cold front is passing and this made for some interesting shots. Johnnies Kids Are AWESOME! I picked them up from school today and took them for ice cream and pizza. They are both so well behaved. Of all my cousins I kid not wen I say I favor these lil guys the most. I love them and regret not having known them sooner. I kinda feel like their big brother and will make it a thing to continue to be around for them. Hanging with family reminds me of who I am. My family is full of bright entreupeneurs. By blood not too many if any I can think of related to me work for anybody besides themselves. Because of this fact and the glycos I guess,,, Yea Yea the glycos the wheels in the clock in my head have been rotating and I have found a gap in the system here that will allow for monetary profits to be made. I have never seen such an eco-friendly & efficient yet rich lifestyle as the Melbunians live. I have never seen so many ferraris and lamborghinis. This is a diferent place. Today I learned some valuable lessons while chatting up the ex-econimist current house keeper of johnnies. She left Poland and explanied to me that people dont speak of the good polish did during the 2nd world war. It brought tears to my eyes when she explained her family was stolen from her too. She is a devout christian and explained to me that contrary to common thought many poles helped jews during the war. 6 Million poles died during WW2, 3 of which were not jewish. Again, this is the most fantastic method of learning. So uh these days you can see me bumpin my head to some South African tunes on my pod biking, training, traming, busing, walking & soon to be biking the southeast peninsula of Australia. IM @ the base hostel in St Kilda cos this is where its @. Proven and perfected.


  1. well, i'm glad you heard about the Poles during WWII from someone else... considering you blew me off when I tried to tell you the same thing...

  2. I dont remember you saying anything about it. Then agin see the post above...


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