Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kiwis In St Kilda & On Spots

Whilst entertaining myself with my ipod and the great tunes on it hanging in this hostel I heard some kid make a fuss about how he cant get any weed. With random kindness I gave this guy a toke from my 1 hitter as I understood his plight. I learned he and 3 others there live across the street and they are from New Zealand. The bar in my Hostel is the livliest in this very lively town. We spoke about NZ for a while b4 going to their flat to do some spots. Let me say that I get on very well with kiwis cos I was brought up to act kindly and love everybody as they do. Spots is a kiwi thing. It entails putting 2 knives on a stove and the top half of a 1 or 2 litre soda bottle being used to get stoned. You scrunch up your shmeeze into little balls. You then pick the knives up wen there hot and tap one of the weed balls with one knife, it sticks, then you flatten it with the other knife underneath the top half of the bottle. This burns the ganja into a thick plume you then inhale. I truly do suggest trying it cos it will preserve weed and its fun. I have done these in NZ and could'nt resist taking these guys up on their offer to do some yesterday night. Leaning on whatever was around for support like walls, counters and people I drunkily made my way to their place and was greeted with a large Kiwi flag in the entrance. After 5 minutes of hanging they got a delivery of an ounce of Marijuana. I expected nothing in return for offering this kid a smoke but it lead to me getting higher than I have ever been in my entire life. Coming from someone that has been smoking for over 10 years this is a huuuuuge statement. I never remember being that blitsed. Some phsychedelic trance was put on and I had to leave cos I felt I was about to lose my sanity. I dont think I can say I ever O.D.ed on pot b4 last night. What happens is simple. Your mouth gets drier than Barbara Bush' Muff. Cotton mouth we call this and wen it sets in u you must nurse a drink or you will puke air. Basically you feel as if your belly has been deprived of anything for the longest of time and so the same way ur mouth gets drier so does the lining of ur stomach and it tells you its fucking starving. I mean concentration camp starving. This led to me patronozing the local Micky dees and stuffing 2 double cheeseburgers and apple pies into the hole in my face. Anyway it was a great time hanging out with Kiwis. I try to explain to Aussies bout the kindhearted Kiwis but they say ahh its like that here too. Only my kiwi friends understood where I was coming from. I promised and so im giving my true opinion. Aussies are not as friendly and kind-hearted as the kiwis. Aussies care more about business then community. I would rather live here in Aussie tho.. Coming from NY I care not about kindness.

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  1. Gil I have to say this blog is very interesting and I have been following your trip every step of the way....Please dont ever forget this very unique an sophisticated way of " having a good time " so i can learn....LMFAO!



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