Thursday, July 19, 2007

Opportunity Knox

Just ran into some INDs that were in suits and cuffs. In a backpackers hostel this isnt a sight seen often. Being Gilly Tha Kidish I asked what they suited up for. This led to some chatting. It turns out these guys are wealthy Int'l business men. Around my age. Throwing money around like air they asked me to work "with" them in their voip business. I explained I must make at least 2k a week to live the lifestyle I am used to and they laughed. Daily, they claim I ll be making this. They care not about A work permit cos they know I will show them shit they never seen b4. To set nice digs, furnish it and get settled here I will entertain this offer. Networking is easy while travelling. These guys are more like me than these backpacking beligerents and can help me to settle. I will use this channel of cash to get by until my own thing is up and running. These days I am feeding from the top. The fruit is more tasteful up here...

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