Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Mng In Melbourne

As I woke today I heard some people yapping away about where they were from. A 10 bed dorm is never really quiet and privacy does not exist. Lifting my head from my pillow I heard a cute voice say Tel-Aviv is "where Im from" Trying to focus my eyes on this girl I realised she was beautiful. A true israeli beauty. i asked them for the time so that I know wen to leave this place and get my key deposit back and when she told me it I replied with a Toda. Her name is Tal (strange I know) and she put me onto some inexpensive housing thing for Israelis that she was off to and invited me to do shabbos with her. Together with my clothing my cell phone was spinning in the laundry machine on permanent press yesterday. Its out of commision so she insisted I write down her number. With morning breath, before even brushing, I made a nice new friend.

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