Friday, July 20, 2007

Morninton Peninsula Expedition

Enticed by these indians to make some money I thought about skipping this biking expedition I was to go on. My cousin convinced me not to as it will probably loom in the back of my head whilst working. I explained this to my curry friends and they are fine with me starting later on in the week. The map above shows where I'll be taking off from. Melbourne, then all the way down to Rosebud And Portsea then back around passing Flinders and Hastings. I was gonna book a hostel from now but said fuck it Ill worry about things as they come. No plan is the best plan right now, in my opinion. The weather is better and so I am shooting off after a shower and a joint. Pics, vids and wild stories will follow. Gilly Tha Kid, Out!

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