Saturday, July 21, 2007


I remember my mate Dan and I talking about what a great idea it would be to take off to a state like Idaho or Iowa to implement the cut throat biz skills we picked up while hustling in NY. We both understood that with our mentality there would be no stopping us. Well Dan, Aussies are like tasty chicken waiting to be devoured by us wolves. I feel like a toothy shark amongst cute little goldfish. Ive been doing a heck of alot of thinking the past few days. When I look around I see a country that is fertile and ready to grow technologicaly and business wise. Aussies have been a bit slow on picking up on such things as the utilization of the net to make life easier, among many other things. Being that the US inhabits the laziest people many things have been created to make it easier for these fat fux to not ever leave their homes. Aussies are just beginning to pick up on these things. It's the best place in-which to implement these cut throat yet sophisticated business tactics we picked up whilst working for these money hungry take no prisoner type of jews bak home. Oh, let me not leave out that this is also the most fantasic place I can think of in which to spend our hard earned money. Awesome trendy boutiques with a classy style. Splendid looking women. Staying around Melbourne for the night. It will be my first Sat night out and about in this city. Tomo mng I bike.

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  1. Hey dude I cant seem to get hold of you, Im in town now still looking for a job. Call me back



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