Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Saturday Night Out In Melbourne

Grade A Australian Stock

Apparantly people dont fancy a mumbling drunk looking for a warm bed in a hostel @ 3 in the mng. After getting on the piss with randonm locals, I was trying to make my way into a backpackers for a frikin bed. One after another they would tell me nope were over booked. I made friends with the owner of a hostel while in Touranga NZ. This is apparantly hostel speak for fuck off. I met a knowledgable local that took it upon himself earlier in the day to show me what the night club scene here is like. He took me to a posh club in the city called GHO. There was a classical aura in this place. They had johnny gold label and I couldnt resist indulging. After losing this kid I was with I made some newer cooler friends. With these people I had a great time dancing away to wicked house and trance. I hung for a while longer b4 deciding I was too drunk and had to feed my sour belly. Somehow I managed to get myself to Mcdees and fed my face with cheeseburgers and apple pies. Thats when I decided I was going to stay in a hostel in town. It was tough enough trekking in a drunken stupor only a block from the club to get grub in me. Going all the way bak to St Kilda woulda been irresponsible and life threatening. One after another these local hostels where turing me down. Im not a dangerous, belligerent or violent drunk but damn drunk I was. I made my way chinky eyed and tired as a transatlantic swimmer into this last hostel in town. Met with disapointment as I asked for a bed I kicked up a fuss and said I dont want to sleep on the fucking street. The chic said go crash on the lounge couch and so I did. Then I used there shower facilities in the mng. Im glad to say today is a beautiful sunday in St Kilda. I am not hung over as I normally am after A night of belligerence. I chose my alcohol wisely. Johnny gold debilitates you but then is gone in a few hours. As if u didnt drink anything. Theres no chance im biking the peninsula this week. Too burned out. I feel like making some cash so im gonna start hustling. Craigs in town and hasnt a clue what to do with himself so Im gonna bring him hustling with me. perhaps we will get a flat together.

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