Monday, July 09, 2007

Sydney AU

Upon waking I found my camelbak to b e missing. It contains my passport, much contact materials and some other vital things. Whilst it was lost I couldnt stop thinking how did'nt this happen sooner... I left it by the comp in my hostel last night after writing belows post. Only because its a backpackers with a very good owner that screens well and only allows travellers to stay did my bag remain there. I am so truly grateful to be where I am. Unbeliveable things im seeing here. The most common bird seems to be some parot look alike but its all white and has a yellow head. Its unbeliveable I think that people dont snatch em and keep them as pets. They are loud tho.. Im making my way to Melbourne tomo. Its known as the art capital of AU and its where i've got some contacts. The immeditae area I'm currently staying in can only be described as trashy. I explored better parts of Sydney today and walked into a mall. So luxurious everything was. Big statues and other things there dedicated to the queens of the UK and beautiful paintings of royalty all over the place. Very diferent. Old. Classical. Im here in the winter and its not exactly the time for beaches and its too bad cos its a pig part of what Au's about. Still tho there is much to explore and I'm ecstatic about having a new country to rest my eyes on. A great one. I'd like to see many countries and the contrast between them will be sharp I'm sure. So, thers some U.S. navy battle ship in town. Sydney harbor is quite a site and I have some photos I will upload once I get a chance. Kings Cross is obviously overtaken being that theres 7000 sailors in town. The cross is covered in hip hop. These sailors look like their in high school. I've noticed early on that Aussies are very particular about their coffee. Many coffee shops everywhere. Back home I get the corner shop coffees but they dont have columbian here. I consider it a luxury now but I get a chai latte every here and there when I smell the aroma from a good coffee shop. NZ was was pretty good but the best chai I ever got was in some place here today. Earlier my local friends took me to some shop where you just chill and hang out have a latte or w/ever and when the waitress tells u you go up to see the shmeeze guy right inside. Every single person in there is only there for that. Its a great way to see how so many from all walks of life smoke. Casually lounging and waiting. It's been operating forever and no hassles. Its unAussie I guess to shnitch. Tomo im gonna try my best to get to Melbourne for free thru social handwashing (See post below) or I'll just book a bus or train. Whichever stops along somewhere so I can explore a bit. Renting a car would be great free accomadation and would allow true exploring/photographing/documenting but that aint happening with my new budget.

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