Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sydney, Bondi beach, Kings Cross & New South Wales, Glyconutrients And Prostitutes

Sydney is a big city with more square miles than Manhattan, I reckon. Many lil areas like filthy Kings Cross, the financial district and lots of others like Bondi Beach. Its a cool lil beach only my pics can describe. One after another I am seeing knockout beauties. It seems the chics out # the guys 4 to 1.

Its now 5:30 in the mng. Im carrying my stuff thru the Cross over to the train station. After jumping on a train yesterday I found a bus station and booked a ticket to Melbourne. $60 ouch! The bus leaves @ 7am and Im writing this in my paper journal having a chai @ a cafe named Froth on Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross. Their chais r the best I've ever had.

Standing all around me currently are around 7 or 8 prostitutes. As I came over the whores swormed around me and blatantly asked "If I want to come upstairs for sex" with them. As I was amusing myself explaining I'm not their target market as I never paid for it, I noticed one of them. She was no more than 12 or 13. "Would you like to come up with me" she asked. Used and dirty looking and obviuolsy under the influence of drugs. I felt i shud so i told her “you’re too young for this shit.. go take care of ursel, yet as I sip this chai she has already solicited 4 others.

On a lighter note. I gave Craig my book on Dharma and am now reading one by Napolean Hill. Ive read a couple of his books and like them. My financial status is beginning to pester me and so once in Melbourne i will try to get good work and pay. I must get a car so that I can document and explore this wicked country. There are some awesome outback adventures I must entertain or i will simply have to return later in life. There are many Lebanese people here in Sydney. I met 2 yesterday. one cut my hair and is chrsitian. Im not shy and ask about ther thoughts of situations and stuff. The barber hates the hezbollah. The 2nd I met whilst eating at a steak joint. He was with a few of his mates. Randomly conversations start and if they interst me I include myself. This guy gave me a new understanding. Hes a good muslim not an extremist. Hes around my age and owns 3 cafes in sydney. He explains the neighborhoods in Lebanon r and always have been decrepit and rundown. This is because of the crooked gov't and their hoarding of all the cash. Beautiful mansions u will see in the middle of shit run down neighborhoods. Thats how it is. They dont invest in their communities. Honestly, he said hes torn between hating and loving the hezbollah. Apparantly they look after the Lebanese. They provide food and shelter for the poor and they help people with rent and what have u. The reason he doesnt like them is because they intitiated this war with Israel by kidnapping that soldier and in effect Israel bombed the shit out of them and put the country back 30 years. We laughed at the fact that neither of us can visit one anothers country. He says its amazing to stand in Lebanon and look down onto the amazing green and rich land of Israel. He always wanted to go but there is no chance. This is one of many times that I get real info unedited or biased but from the community people. I love learning this way.

Its now 4pm we've stopped @ 11 in a town named gouldbourne and now in albury. Aussie seems to have rolling green hills comparable to but not as green as NZ. Gonna quit shmeeze and stogies for a while after my last few packs in ym carton r done. Im not a flapper and I do these things wen I say. Every single town i touched ground on in NZ I asked the people in the wellness stores for Glyconutirents. I left mine back home and got sick the 1st cold night. Everyone i've asked looked at me as if I was sporting a 3rd eye. Until the end of my journey In NZ. I waltsed into one of those shops in Dunedin. With one of those I already know the answer type questions I asked if they had it. To my surprise they knew wut i was talking about but did not have it. they called some guy and sent me to his house to get some. It was 20 min out of town. With about $300 in the bank I spent $120 on my vital nutrients. Since i've been taking them ive been thinking much clearer taking stock and feeling awesome.

This world and the issues plageuing it are fukt. I know that these here words formulate a sentence in a chapter that will one day be a book. Also, i know i will write a book about the retardation of our planet and society once i feel I have attained enough knowledge. However, i dont think that this is my definitve purpose. Whatever it might be I wish for the service i will provide in the future to help and be worth 100x more than the cost. I'd like to help find a way to straighten out the harsh realizations some live thru. Like the 12yr old whore. After meeting a drug addict in Sydney I was reminded just how impossible it is to turn someone that has been conditioned negatively for yrs and yrs. This addict was sexually abused as a kid and found refuge in the harsh steets of aussie cities. Craig from Christchurch has a dog that was beat by maoris as a baby. Now 13 yrs later he barks @ every Maori he sees. its quite funny actually. what travis the addict doesnt understand is that we can (unlike animals) manipulate our subconcious by way of positive conditioning.

This here is a good time for me. Stogies and shmeeze i will cut for a while to rejuvinate my mind and body. Im at a cross road with business and I really want my next one to improve the world rather then fatten my pockets.

Its around 8pm. Still on this god foresaken bus. I just gave some arab a woman a piece of my mind after enduring this womans children making a racket for 5-6 hours. shes got no control over them. Others were pestered too and would snicker or look back for a sec as a sign that their annoyed. The woman cared not. I'm normally the most calm and reserved person in any room but shit 12 hours on a bus and then lil fucking terrorists kicking my seat and yelling behind me singing n shit. After my wick had run out I just srpung up and told her I had enough and to keep them quiet. *squint*

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