Thursday, August 02, 2007

Od eser, Ani Yodea Ani Alcoholist!

I have this terrible habit of calling my friend Od Eser, Ben eser. Israeli slang would translate this into: The son of ten whores. Lollllllllllllll. As I just lifted my cleanskin cup of merlot to toast the arrival of my flatmate Od Eser, he made a great point with his unique middle eastern jargon. He said " tafsik lishtot kol ha yom yah alcoholist" This is his hebrew way of saying I gotta cut it a bit with the alocohol. I thought a bit about his comment before realizing and confessing aloud, New Zealand and Australia has transformed me into a wine junky. I trooped around 3ks on ma bike to get some after work today as I realized I've been doing for a little while now. Fuck it, its a great compliment to the week and a half old tub of pasta I've been feeding on...

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