Thursday, August 02, 2007

Today I Worked

Today, for the 1st time in around 5 months, actually, for the 1st time in over 5 years I worked. I mean real work. Not computer or internet fatass shit. A random named Shmuel came by my apt one night a few days ago. My apt seems to be the Israeli social hub here in Melbourne. Being that I meet so many these days all this guy Shmuel got was a "yea, how ya doin" the night I met him. Yesterday night whilst with my cousin and his family @ a school function Shmuel rang my phone. After going to my flat looking for me and explaining to my mates that he has work for me they gave him my #. Out of the blue, he called and asked if I remember him. I did vaguely. He explained I have to be up and in front of my apt @ a quarter to 8 in the mng for work. That is all that was said. I didnt know wether to take this guy seriously or not. He's just a random like many that flap their lips I thought . Anyway, I made my way bak to my apt and he was hanging here waiting for me. I confirmed with him that I should be up for some sort of work. What type was not even discussed initially. As it turns out this fucker is one of the smartest blokes I've ever met. He was an intelligence agent while in the army. Hes very sharp and fine tuned. The fact that he was thrown in a looney bin twice only enforces this fact. He explained the night we met I hardly said a word but apparantly I had a listening ear. Theres a fine line between knowledge gained and mind lost I think. So, I woke and some mid 50yr old dude picked me up and took me to his place of business. Austyle is some company jewish family owned with huge warehouses for their Builders/architects supplies business. After talking to shmuel until 2 in the mng, not being able to sleep until 5 cos of how confusingly enlightened I was I went to work. And work I did. First task was to take down a fence with barbwire. Uproot the poles and everything. For the 1st time in my life I did a few interesting things today. Used a Bobcat construction thingamabob to take down the fence. Used a humungous industrial floor waxer/vaccum that glides around at the slightest motion in any direction, picked garbage off of my bosses land ya know, work. This entails no thinking whatsoever and I remember wishing I had such a job while managing some business back home. There is, however, no stopping the worlds motions. I have a philosophy about being an employee that I picked up from Napolean Hill, Dale Carnegie and other intelligent people. Put in at least 25% more work than you get paid for. I combined that with a valuable life lesson taught to me by my 6yr old cousin Jaimey which is to be totally absorbed in whatever it is that your doing. This kept me working diligently sticking a million stickers on some items when one of the owners, a sharp business dude in his mid 30's asked when Im coming in again. This job was supposed to be a temp thing for 1 day. After chatting up this guy he explained theres much data entry stuff that needs to be done. No Prob Bobbbb. The pay is cash and its more than I need to get by. Cheeaars!

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