Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Funny Convo Between Me And A Spa My Friend owns

So I decided to prank email my friends spa in the village. i sent the email to the general inquiry address. Here it goes:-
Me- Is it possible to get electrlolysis on my tests. You see, my balls are frenchly hairy and I havent yet found a spa that will do it. i would pay double. Lemme know!
Them- We absolutely can remove hair from your testicles. You see Frenchly hairy even though it may seem like a lot is really not as bad as Uzbeck hairy or Khzak hairy. We have professionals from those parts of the world who can take care of the problem immediately. Please come in and bring your balls with you for an estimate and consultation. If need be, please brush the hair on your balls so that they are more presentable to our technicians.

Best Regards,


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