Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Times

Imagine a quiet starry night upstate with a cozy chalet hidden atop a beautiful pristine mountain. Picture the scene with a deep firepit, a dubie being passed around whilst a good friend and folk singer Paul Mchmahon from Woodstock is driving up my 500 foot driveway to get to where we all are sitting relaxing and staring, stoned as hell into these fascinating flames before us. Crackling and providing us with comforting heat. Paul breaks out his guitar and bong, we all lay back and listen. At first look you'd say who is this tru to the yr 69 hippie? But once you hear him sing and play his guitar you cant help but forget about every bad thing in this world. This man is a buddhist priest and in my opinion a sage. Picture the scene and listen to his song, listen to it in its entirety as theres an awesome message in it, it loads once you visit his myspace page. Its called "beat the bushes" These were the most amazing times of my life and they happened right before I decided to shoot off travelling. I cant wait to go back to where I belong.

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