Thursday, May 08, 2008

Very Vexed

Some interesting things I have to note. Not long ago my teenage sister was robbed at gun point by some black dude. So very pissed I became as its my lil sister and it reminds me of NY pre Giuliani. I wanted vigilante justice. As it turns out the cops actually did their jobs for a change and caught this idiot. I very much wanted to break this guys arm or somehow to teach him a lesson. Fact is he is going to pay a much higher price, being that he has stolen before he will do 15-20 years. Our legal system is fucked and it needs to change I think. After this fucker stole from my little sister my tax dollars will pay to house and feed the monkey for 20 years? I would have been content just breaking his nose. Faced with 20 years I think its easy to guess what he would prefer. Its emotionally draining knowing you had a hand in sending someone to one of these nightmarish places.

I had an interesting moment of clarity the other day. I remember attending an over-seas program at Tel-Aviv Univ. This was back in 2000. I was there when this whole intifada arose again between Israel and the Palestinians. me and my mates were bbQing on the roof of our dorms when we heard a huge bomb explode. It was the one that killed many club goers at the entrance to a place that was called Pacha. All of us American jews wanted America to intercept. We were hoping our country with all its mite would understand and help our cousins in Israel. So many idiots are complaining about Bush and all hes done. I agree that he is an ass but what hes been doing in the middle east makes it seem that he was brainwashed by some jewish rabbi or something. I promise to slap any jew I hear complaining about Bush, the war in Iraq or the prospective war in Iran because its by far the best thing that could have ever happened to us. Honestly, I think our president is a puppet doing exactly what his father is telling him to and his father learned by being around intelligence reports for over two decades that muslim extremists dont care about life. They think anyone that isn't muslim should die and so where Bush is sending them..... They belong.

Anyhoot, its a very shady world I must say. This story with the DC madam and her bullshit suicide note is a slap in the face to any intelligent American. I mean we all know how little we are in the eyes of you big shot politicians but to rub it in our faces as you did by killing this chic is frankly, appaling. Another pressing issue, the prescription pill epidemic must be dealt with. 2 people I know in the past month have died as a result of taking them. Yeah reality sometimes sucks and our nation is known for being lazy and so instead of telling us to deal, our doctors are feeding us prescriptions faster than a subway beggar can say "its for food". I hope to give those that check in on me here an idea as to whats going on. So ther.

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