Thursday, May 15, 2008

The American Dream

Me and "some dude" were talking the other day about what really is the American dream. Is it hard work which eventually leads to some progression which eventually leads to a white picket fence, a fat lazy wife and a lack of interest in anything other than Spike tv? After examining the situation its clear to see, the american dream means going to Saks 5th Ave, buying a $2000 pair of RLX Black label Jeans, some T-shirts for $200 a pop, all the while acting like the cloths arent even worth wiping your ass with, but ya you'll take it... You'll take it, You'll wear it for 2 months pretending your the shit with your head high starting with every girl in the club pretending ur a millionaire... And then you go and get a full fucking refund. Many I know do this and thats how they "WORK THE SYSTEM" I once went with someone to Bergdoff Goodman. Very upscale retail place in NYC. It was his girls birthday and so for gifts we were shopping. Having just returned from a Backpacking trip and scroungeing around for cash I found it odd that this dude was offering to buy me a thousand dollar jacket or anything I wanted really. W/ever I said its ok but thx, knowing 'some dude' is a little better than ok financially. So he went on to buy his girlfriend some shoes "Lebutton" something or others. A G-note for shoes. I was thinking hmm... Maybe better off than I remember. Then he said a purse she wanted...OK.. A purse that costs $4,500 Coulda bought a car. Swipes the credit card no questions asked. Store policy in these places seems to be no hassle= No id verification. Let me now say that I dont at all condone these actions or such behavior but whilst making our way further midtown this dudes cell rings and he puts it on speaker "HELLO SIR, WE NOTICED IRREGULAR CHARGES ON YOUR CREDIT CARD... DID YOU JUST BUY SOME HIGH TICKET ITEMS WITH IT"? WHY NO WUTS GOING ON WUT HAPPENED..... The American Dream is wut Happened. The chick went on to explain that she is so sorry he fell victim to fraud and the balance will be smitten immediately from his account... Schemes and scams that you might think the Russians started are what make up the American dream. And because of it the economy is crumbling. The finest city on earth is no doubt deterioting like a meth fiends face. Its clear to see. I like the Swiss dream: Check out this Swiss dude Yves Rossy and his very own wings.

Anyhoot, gotta say- The weathers fucking awesome. I just love it. I love going to work in the city, on the subway crossing my legs with my cargo shorts and flip flops. Whilst every one is sweating bullets in their suits and what not. Being of information age, the web is where I work and I have yet to find a no T-shirt policy.

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