Sunday, May 18, 2008

Global Affairs

Pretty fucking weird wuts going on.... Cyclone in Burma,

earthquake in China.

Pardon the shock treatment but the gov't in Burma should be A-bombed I think. So clearly corrupt they are over there. Chinese should be stripped of the olympics in 08 for their genocidal ways. Even mother nature is trying to fuck it up for them. Insanity plagues many these days. Africa is fighting a war between good and evil and the latter is kicking ass. In Congo you have the vicious rapes of village women by the armed militia, world knows and does nothing. In Joburg you have mobs of wackos beating and burning alive anyone that isnt originally from there. Wacko mobs are definitely a scary reality I think. People in places like SA and Pakistan become real savages when bunched up together. It happens everywhere I guess. Could happen at your local game. I think it takes a superior level of intellect to deject what your neighbor and the mob is "fighting" for, to step back and say uh screw that. To hell with our political system! Until they make the popular vote the deciding factor I think I just wont. What's so difficult? Sign up with your social security # online (even the homeless can do this in public libraries) and vote! Who the fuck created the super delegate system? Its as if someone said "ok to make it easy to fool these idiots and rig this election lets confuse them with SUPER DELEGATES!" I guess thats why I like being out in the open country. I dont really like to conform and think like "the mob" I have the best times by myself which might seem sad but its really not. Like my lil cousin in OZ I guess im self contained. I just cant wait to be able to travel again and see some more amazing places... To be able to stay in these places for as long as I want with no financial strain. This is the goal towards which I work. Its not a simple one and it doesn't come easy, but with hard work and dedication it is definately attainable.

Me, Riss, Aren and his fiance Stephanie @ the subway series, Mets VS Yankees @ the house that Shea built.

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