Sunday, May 25, 2008

So Where Do You Summer? In Brooklyn!

Its been 2 years since I enjoyed a summer in NYC. I must admit that I missed it much. So now the sun blazes the birds chirp and the young bucks crash their cars. NYC is never better. Everybody is out and about. A truly good time it is. I just got back home after doing 100 mph down the Brooklyn harbor in my friend Alonies suped up jet ski. All of us congregate by a place near my house called Gerritsen beach. Everyone brings their boats jet skis and motorcycles. Had a good time yesterday at a place called Spuytin Duyvel. Me n Riss wondered in high as a kite and left drunk as skunks. In Williamsburg this place has over 200 beers, never have I drank a better dark. Damn good and rich. As if their beer isn't enough they have some tasty cheese and salami to compliment that bottle of Corsendonk.

I wish I can say that all is well but im extremely bothered by some news I just recieved from my parents. A stunning and all around lovely girl, one of the first I've ever kissed has passed in a car accident in Miami... She was older than I, beautiful and vibrant. I wish I would have written about her sooner as she definatly had some part in the process that made me me. Heres to you Liliana, one day we shall meet again.