Wednesday, August 13, 2008


They say its a dog eat dog world. Well, truth be told, even ur tube can clearly tell u it is worse. Misery needs not love it, its got plenty of company these days... Desensitised we all have become just like the news anchors that flip from talking about 50 dead in a suicide explosion in Iraq to THE YANKEES TOOK IT AT SHEA TONIGHT!
Its simple, we all are guilty. I too will pay for not weeping like a starving baby EVERY SINGLE DAY because of the atrocities going down RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!! FOR NOT TAKING ANY SORT OF ACTION RIGHT FUCKIING NOWWW!

OUR WORLD IS FUCKED! I DONT WANT TO CONFORM BUT TO PSYCHIATRISTS I AM NOW BEING SENT FOR THINKING AS I DO. WUTTODOWUTODO. Worry not for the army will live on wether I do or dont and no one MD will manipulate me.

Listen again and watch in full screen!