Monday, August 11, 2008

Wayyy Past The Boiling Point

Lots has been going on the past 2 months and I haven't been sharing. Truth is I must. Especially now as things have spiralled faster than my old electric Hanukkah dreidle. W/the lights... It all started when heavy pressure was put on me since I've taken the task of opening running, training, supervising, opening and closing and driving far as fuck every day. Basically doing everything a corporation would have going on only im doing it all alone. Which is fine and all had I not a difficult brother. It too would help had that brother not been my business partner. We squabble here and there but it took a good lesson 4 both of us in order 2 look past it. It aint easy starting a business and all that nonsense. Really I would prefer and would love life living as a mountaineer camping and hunting. Rip would be by my side. Of that I have no doubt. He's a good boy and I love him very much. Not like these frikin idiot dog lovers but because hes incredibly intelligent and obedient. Quite funny how I got him actually. Couple of weeks ago Riss and I went to a pound around 3 hours from nyc. Before we got to this 1 place weve been to many and seen probably 100 dogs. Literally. Then we get this place and the first dog in the cage as you walk in was Rip Van Winkle, my boy. I looked at him well and took note that he is a sharp and calm one. I then strolled the aisles and looked at 20 or so other dogs one which was cool and seemed obedient too but it was a pit and I know I cant leave those viscous fuckers next to babies. I made my way bak to the front towards the exit and looked at Rip hard and good. I looked at him in the eye and twisted my head a bit, dont know y I this but he looked at me funny I just told the guy hes mine lemme have him. Gotta hire more people soon as our progress has been ok but not great. Again, all this has been causing me much stress which I wonder whether I want anymore. Im so fucking introspective its not funny. I have figured people out. They'll never admit it, cos their egos are at stake and thats something theyve built subconsciously since birth. Anyhow, one needs not a degree in psychology to be an expert in the field. So some "friends" of mine shot their bbs guns at my moms car and I pulled out my shot gun on em. On Flastbush and ave U. Pretty nuts but their not beautiful. After that went upstate and ended up spending a night and a day in jail.

I go upstate often and I live for climbing. I have alot of experience with it but I would definitely not say Im a pro. Im getting the hang of using a harness I got and all but i didnt have it on this day. I took my boy Rip with me and I found a nice ridge with a cliff face looking down onto a beautiful rushing, Hudson Valley, pure water, rapids. Rip cant climb so he followed me unto the vertical most point until he can no longer grip himself. So down I went and dove into this nice and deep spot where a waterfall was falling. IT WAS AWESOME! So as I made my way up of coarse after drying off with my winter military garb and putting it on. Its pretty heavy and full of fur. Twas mng and and theres a chill on the mtn tops then. I lost my grip somewhere because I did not notice a drip falling on a rock with which I foolishly used my left foot to support my weight. Its insane how quickly instinct and survival mode kicks in without even thinking. I fell around 30 feet and hit my arm hard and my head a tad bit on the way down, a catscan later proved it fine. My arm is broken however. It didnt hurt at all and still doesnt much. Soif it never happened to u fear it not so much.
The real danger was falling with alot of gear, my heavy loaded shotgun and this very thick absorbable mility outfit. I dont know how deep I fell but it definitely took over 7 seconds for me to get up for a breathe. I quickly got out and stripped down to my boxers. i dove in and retrieved my shotgun from the bottom of the river. The dive in to retrieve it i dont remember as being fun at all. At this point I had not realized the extent of my injuries. I obviously still had to climb back up and after falling once more (not a bad 1) i did successfully. Rip was right there waiting for me. So I got to my car and finally realized i was pretty fucked up. I decided to quickly head over to a friends place around a mile away. He wasn't there. Then i began to worry because even with the heat on full blast I was still shaking and couldn't understand why. i figured that out just a couple of hrs ago. Oh the fall happened on Sat mng and its around 4 in the mng mon now. I drove down a bit and noticed a model home. I walked up to it opened the unlocked front door as if it was mine. After using what i can find to bandage myself up I sat in the hot tup on the deck for a while.