Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jewsih New Year 08

I wear hats often these days and I wear them low. It projects an unimposing image which I like. It also gives my eyes just enough space with which to study my surroundings. This way my body is a defensive front that I use to get my worldly studies done. I find myself merging to the left so as to follow the herd as more sheep flow in from the right. It seems people are down winded and nervous about things in the days of late. What with a disastrous collapse of our largest banks ya cant really blame em. The way I describe it is simple. Back when everyone you knew in the mortgage biz lost their jobs we all thought it was bad, strange and unamerican for such a thing to happen. Ye we thought it was bad until such things as scale and scope are thrust in our face as was done with this financial tsunami over Wall St recently. Ker less really. Having lived 27 years im starting to see things fitting into place as a toddler might with those toys where you use triangular, square or circular pieces and match them with their respective holes. Beginning to fit things are. I'm told that when I write I sound like Yoda but I think Yoda just sounds wise. I think lazy people take comfort in the fact that the economy has gone to shit and use it as a tool with which to be lazier. Sharks come out during these times and some can benefit much from these idle and frazzled lil ones. More so then ever I have begun to speak slowly, I choose my words with precision and I try to be very concise with them. Dont know exactly why this is but I imagine its a result of many yrs marketing. Its good I guess, no one likes a rambler. Riss is now an associate consulatant @ my firm and I hope that she realizes the opportunity and potential given her. Other than all that its really cool being home for the holidays, not being in a foreign land as I was last year or even worse being in jail. Again, having lived thus far, having been pricked by these thorns here and there I surmise motion and stillness will lead to this dudes demise...

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