Thursday, September 25, 2008


These days I take hold of my dogs leash, jump on my board and get propelled by my best friend/infinite MPG engine. He likes to try and pounce on every squirrel around. He stalks to get close and then rips towards them, never catches em but still its a good time to watch. Ripple Van Winkle...
The days of late have been mixed with good things business wise and also in respect to my Upstate case. Cant say anything specific but things are looking better than they did a month and a half ago.
Interestingly, Im beginning to feel as though im flowing in unison with the things around me. This is good. Been reading a lot, Last Kabbalist Of Lisbon, Mind Alive and also about that cocksucker Goerbells. Just lovin the knowledge that I seep.

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