Friday, December 19, 2008

Neighbors, By Jan T Gross - Current Read

Yet another Halocaust tale. This one outlines the way an entire village willingly and with the permission of the nazis butchered their own jewish neighbors. Jewish people whos heritage there went back over 500 years, in one day swiped from the face of the Earth. When it was done even the nazis were shocked by the way these people carried it out. Jews in this village were massacered by their own Polish piece of shit neighbors. Village of Jedwabne. All of them forcibly led like sheep into a barn and burned alive. The ones that tried to escape were fooled to belive it was safe to return only to meet their horrific fate. Fathers with their young sons, mothers with their babies at their chests. Just another tale of a pogrom ignited by jealousy, underlying racism and hate. Justice was never served...

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