Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Year of Chaotic Angst

It's a keen observation, the many that rebel against all they were raised to know, their traditional beliefs dismissed swiftly. Truth is, when you see that most are led, much like fish following bait, it is obviously not prudent to do the same. Even those from royal families do it, think prince george. You will notice that around the age between 28-32 they interestingly fall in place by positive influences around them. Apparently, it becomes clear that their native traditions, is where they are ultimately happiest.

 So now the new year is upon us and it shall be new indeed... Many a change I had to implement in my everyday routine. Screw resolutions, these are decrees I've passed that will better things. Life has been tough and this year I've probably seen the lowest point in this one. I am very happy to do away with 2008. With the help of no one, 2009 should yield tasty fruits. It will be the first in very many that I enter with a clear and sound head.