Friday, January 30, 2015

Some Interesting Observations

Something I should note, ever since being given "SkunkWorks Mondays" to cook up all sorts of counter-stupifying stuff, I have started to learn well that information or intelligence is so very, very key to quicken success up with things.

Brings to mind Sun Tzus quote, "Every war is won before it even begins." Not sure if this is what he meant when saying that, but I have a good feeling.

Intelligence gives you with what to work. Intelligence allows you to make informed decisions.

I thought I was wise using websites like or, all jokes compared to serious intelligence gathering companies like or

I was telling my new flatmate here in Soho, his dad owns this (Panica) network in Brazil, with shows like Survivor and other funny stuff. Nearly 9 Million twitter followers. Here is an example of his work below.

An impressionable young kid (my little sisters age) which I am strategically helping/influencing to make him see, and who was sorta struck with a light bulb moment when I made clear to him what power he yields, because of his dad.

So... Back to the point here. Take a look at the video below to understand and start loving these tools with which we can seep knowledge and intelligence.

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