Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Onward Bound - Hitting Adulthood

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                                             Something that is so very important yet overlooked completely, in my humble opinion, is perpetuity of internet published writings.

It's known; the victors of wars paint the pictures which media then solidify and like concrete, it is then set in stone. So much so, that school curriculum's go so far as to completely overlook important teachings. Even confuse and not just "flex" or "bend" the truth, but flat out lie about knowings which we're supposed to overlook growing up - shmucks with our heads down, like in Orwell's '1984' is PRECISELY how they would like for us to be.

I like to tell people...the US is a country which - had it noticed it's reserves of Cheetos were low - would bomb with hellfire any country which possesses (even relies on for their lives, this matters not) any Cheetos. Because, ya know, we want to have our belligerent good time, our gluttonous abundance and will shamelessly provide for you not one care about your opinion regarding the above.

What was that a quip? Follow the rhyme below because it's intricate.

"Watch out! Embargo's will slowdown your GDP & Influx Of Cargo. Catch Ya Nation Sleeping Like A Mafia Capo. Trust, You Don't Want To Tango" ~ Gillyroze [Gods GOD]

Anyhow; a website very much UNLIKE Wikipedia - a place which must possess a certain police like (not necessarily governmental) authority & philanthropic involvement (forever) should be available online in-order to publish there with the intent, or rather with the sole purpose being, that it will remain available for "perpetuity". Generations and then many more generations to read and make their own juudgements.

This can/should be done without any influence/manipulation by corporations or government in any way.

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