Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sticks And Stones May Break Our Bones But Software And Circuits Will Leave Us Jobless

Massive robotic automation is quietly being implemented EVERYWHERE among fortune 500s. 

It's said (and can easily be understood) that similar to outsourcing, once it's gone 
from the hands of the workers - this work being given to infinitely productive-more 
"assets" will not ever return to "the human craftsman".

More and more, it's becoming easier to see through the Pyrrhic blessing which fooled 
us for so long - advanced technology.

It's stupifying, idiofying & it frikin wastes time (so I done away w/my unSmartphone).

What is eerily odd is that there is none, or not nearly enough, talk about the consequences 
of what we've come to learn are going to happen to the "lower classes". We're going to see 
not tidal waves, but tsunamis of unemployment due to robotics, automation, & A.I. innovation
"advancements" of which are already being realized.

Serious realities like:

1- The dissipation of union dues. Poof gone.

2- Federal/State/Local employee income tax. Poof bye.

I should note, so as to be real and honest (which is how I like to keep it) I've always
been a cut-throat / straight-for-the-jugular type, and a part of me says "Heck, it's evolution. 
So dimwits should pay for their dimwitted idiocy if they won't keep with the times" 
but I KNOW that lower cognitive function isn't suffered by so many just by chance. ~ Gillyroze

This post was inspired by a much more in-depth essay written by a friend named Martin Sternbal 
(R.I.P.) link to it here:

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