Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boarding Down Devenport The Main Street In The City Centre Of Toaranga

Instead of going south right away, I have decided to visit this town of Touranga cuz its the export capitol of NZ and this is where they ship all their fine fruits and vegetables from. Im hoping to make a connection while here in this town to send frsh produce to the US. My friend Alon told me to do this while Im here and so I am. The other reason im here is because while reading my New Zeland book I found that close to here there is an old majestic island that homes New Zelands most active volcano. Its known as White Island. I've shacked up @ this cozy hostel in the center of town. The owner is cool and is originally from Wales, England. Its nice to have a cozy place to type this post from and a warm bed. Im just nnow doing my laundry fort he 1st time since landing in NZ. Its much warmer here in Toaranga than it was in Rotorua. I might spend another night here tomo.

Some crystals I found while in Rotorua

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