Thursday, July 12, 2007

Melbourne AU

Melbourne is a beautiful place with beautiful stores and beautiful people. Unfortunatley, this is not the side of Melbourne im able to pursue. Hoping I can scrounge up $20 or so from my business banking card I went down to the atm @ the corner 7/11 (yes there r 7/11s here in Aussie). I know that theres no money in the accounts but hope has a way of motivating people. The fucking machine did not give back my card. After beating the machine and causing a fuss the clerk called the cops and so I made haste. Now all I have is an amex card that no hostel accepts. I just spent my last cash for the bed on which I lye writing this. The biz I left bak home was so volatile I never really knew how much money I had. After working hard for a few months I had around 15k in the bank wen I decided to go travelling. On my 3rd day exploring NZ, my thrid day away from home, I found the balance in my acct to be only $800. With that I made due up until around 5 days ago. I got a loan for $500 and spent $200 shipping extra weight back home. Clothing, a tibetan bell and other things that were just extra weight. AU is very expensive and im left w/out enough to pay for another night in a hostel. I have approached several places claiming to have work avl but they shoot me down wen I tell them I dont have a visitors work permit. I do not have the resources to explore this country and havent even a ticket to go home. I am screwed. Friends, if you think im unhappy your dead wrong. The last time I wrote of financial issues you warmheartedly attempted to send me cash. Many thanks for the consideration but pls dont offer again. There is no chance I will take a penny from anyone of you. Money put my spirits down many atimes in the past. It has'nt the power to do that to me ever again. The near future will be very interesting. Bottom feeding will be put into high gear.

Its a new day now. Friday, and I found a mall with free wireless internet. Here I shall chill for a little until I have fri night dinner with a cuzin from South Africa, Johnny O. I'm glad I did not have to ask, its been confirmed, @ his place I will sleep tonight. Cheers from Aussie!

Bondi Beach


  1. Hey Gill
    Keep the park bench warm for me i'll be joining you soon. I got into my PT course, that starts on the 6th Aug, but I too still need to find a bed & work. The x wont let me back in the house so I need to think of something fast.
    Keep in touch.

  2. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Ohhh,You poor child!In here you do need a work permit and a tax file #s.
    Don't worry, go slowly and you shall surely arrive the destination.
    Too bad I am away from vocation.......
    Try this web site
    There are some one day pay jobs in Hospitality Industry,and or Art shops you can try.
    Good Luck to you


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